Wednesday, 3/12/14

Period 3

Learning Objective:

To describe similarities and differences between bacteria and viruses

Learning Activities:

1. Science CAPT Review
2. Advance Organizer- Super Bugs- Bacterial Drug Resistance video and Antibiotic Resistant Harvard Outreach and The Rise in Antibiotic Resistance animations
3. Close reading- “Separating Friend From Foe Among the Body’s Invaders”
4. Bacteria packet/Up Close Bacteria/Check HW- pp.458-460

Periods 4 & 6

Learning Activities:

1. Cue- Analytic Questions
Science Journal- Do you think being able to access your genetic information is good or bad? What is the reasoning behind your perspective? What is an alternative perspective and the reasoning behind it?
2. Active Viewing- GINA
Woman Loses Job Over Double Massectomy and Francis Collins interview
3. Complete GATTACA questions and Case Studies- Cooperative Groups of 3- One person reads scenario aloud to group, another person writes summary of scenario, third person asks questions and records group responses
4. Collect HW- “Choose the Sex of Your Baby” article questions and “GATTACA Now” and “Which Baby Do You Want?” articles and questions


About Mrs. Vigliotti

I am a middle school science teacher at Flood Middle School in Stratford, CT. Before that I had taught at Stratford High School. I have been a teacher since 1998. Before teaching public school, I was an environmental educator for non profit organizations such as SoundWaters in Stamford, CT, the Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center at Milford Point, and Schooner Inc. in New Haven, CT.
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